90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

90 Day Weight Loss Challenge - PrettyKeli

Hey Ladies this 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge was designed for you. All you have to do is follow the easy steps of the PrettyKeli Weight Loss program and you will achieve the results you desire in a fast yet healthy way. As with any new exercise or nutrition plan I always recommend you consult your doctor before trying my program or any new program.

Some of you may be wondering if this program works, that is completely understandable. The answer is very simple, YES! Anybody can say their plan works but can they show examples of real people to back up their claims? Check out some of our testimonials on the home page as well as the comments from real women who entered our last weight loss challenge and achieved tremendous weight loss success.

The program is a very easy to follow system that presents a very logical approach to weight loss. Tips and tricks are mostly healthy metabolism boosters. While some are more challenging than others, they’re all worth the extra boost that compliment all of your healthy lifestyle changes. Our weight loss challenges are usually short, lasting two weeks maximum. This Challenge is 90 days because I believe in order for something to become a lifestyle, it first has to become habitual, and in 90 days it will naturally become a habit.

Below I will provide you with all of the links you need, so if you need something and aren’t sure how to find it you can come back here. Lets get started:90 day challenge

1. PrettyKeli’s Weight Loss Program

2. Weight Loss Meal Plans

3. Weight Loss Grocery List

4. Calorie Calculator

5. Cold Shower Weight Loss Benefits

6. Weight Loss Tips

7. How to control food cravings

8. Contact PrettyKeli

I Will update you all here and on youtube every Wednesday. I will share my food journal with you as well as my exercise journal. I will let you know my starting weight as well as the amount of weight I Lose weekly. Photos of my progress will be displayed here as well as my measurements.

After you enter the challenge please come back and update me every Wednesday on your progress by answering these questions:

1. What was your starting weight or what was your weight loss goal in pounds. (whatever you feel more comfortable disclosing)

2. What is your current weight or how many pounds do you have to lose at this current moment

Start Date: Wednesday June 19th 2013
End Date: Thursday September 19th 2013

As an extra added incentive 3 random winners will be chosen to receive a 1 year gym membership to Planet Fitness

All you have to do to enter the 90 day weight loss challenge  is comment below or comment below the 90 day weight loss challenge youtube video

Then just remember to update me weekly on your progress

Remember to follow all of the rules in the weight loss program

Most importantly, be honest! I’m here to help you achieve your weight loss goals. If I don’t know what you’re struggling with when it comes to nutrition, fitness, emotions, etc. there is no way I can help. So feel free to contact me directly or by commenting below.

Also, there are many women joining this challenge, feel free to talk to each other! I pride myself on having amazing subscribers and followers that I genuinely love. They are as eager to learn as they are to help so mingle ladies.

Here is the 90 day Weight Loss Challenge Video. Feel free to comment below and Say “I’m in this 90 day weight loss challenge” and let me know what your weight loss goals are


PrettyKeli is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who is passionate about helping women achieve their Fitness, Nutrition and Weight loss goals. With over 5 years of Personal weight loss, fitness, and nutrition experience combined with the knowledge from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, PrettyKeli has the passion and compassion to make the transfer into a healthier lifestyle smooth and easier for women. Follow
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