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How to get a Bigger Buttocks

How to get a Bigger Buttocks So you want to know how to get a bigger buttocks? Well I'm going to give you all of the tools you need to [...]

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Chest Workouts for Women to Firm Breasts 2 Weeks or Less

  Chest Workouts for Women to Firm Breasts + How to get Bigger Breasts in 2 Weeks or Less […]

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Squat Challenge 30 Days – Squat Exercises to get a Bigger Butt

Squats Exercise – Squat Challenge 30 Days to a Bigger Butt Do not make the mistake of thinking this challenge can only start on the first of the month. The date does not matter, what matters is the day you decide to accept the squat challenge, is the day you should start. Take it easy, one day at a time. Do the amount of squats that are recommended for that day. On rest days remember to rest. Squat Challenge 30 days […]

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Top 10 Gyms in NYC

Top 10 Gyms in NYC Since I relocated back to NYC, I have become the “free gym pass” queen. I’ve been to almost every gym out here on numerous occasions and I was able to come up with a top 10 list. 10 being the worst and 1 being the best. Please comment below and share your experiences at each of these gyms. If you have never had the opportunity to visit any of these gyms, which one would you like to visit? What gym would you recommend others to try? 10. Planet Fitness This gym is perfect for a lady on a budget who wants to go to the gym. If you are not worried about budgeting, skip this gym. It has turned into the “hook-up gym for morons”. This is the only gym that has tootsie rolls at the front desk along with all you can eat little cesars pizza, for free! Completely defeats the purpose of working out. Not much of a variety as far as machines go and the only machines that they have more than one of are the elliptical and treadmill machines. The bathrooms are really pretty and so are the purple and yellow colors everywhere. Membership is either $9.95 for the month or $20.00 per month depending on if you want to be able to go to other planet fitness locations. You can always bring a friend with you with the $20.00 per month membership so that’s always cool. It doesn’t have a pool, personal trainers, sauna, or showers, but the saying is true “you get what you pay for”. 9. Ballys Total Fitness Typical gym equipment but most of the machines are broken or outdated. The company went bankrupt 1000 times so it’s not like you should expect anything less. That was harsh, but honestly they don’t take care of their facilities. They do offer personal trainers but aren’t very picky with their selections. Most trainers are under qualified but they charge more than over qualified trainers per session. Their membership is actually $10 less than planet fitness when you pay for the year upfront. They don’t have a pool, but they do have a sauna, showers, and personal trainers. People seem to love the classes they offer as well, like zumba etc. If you are a woman you will be hit on, approached constantly. Very few women attend this gym so when guys see a woman they act like you are the last one on earth. If you have children, they also have a kids club where you can bring your children for two hours maximum per day while working out. Besides that they have Really nice, friendly staff, but the company as a whole needs an upgrade. If you are looking for a gym but need to save money, this wouldn’t be a horrible option. 8. 24 Hour Fitness […]

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