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September Total Transformation Plan

If you find this challenge after September but want to do it anyway? Do it girl! It’ll be fun and you’ll achieve your goals much faster!

Step 1: Make a List of 14 Activities that make you sweat! 1 of the activities can be something you don’t necessarily LOVE to do, but you HAVE to do, ugh like chores. The other 13 can be things like Dancing (you can dance YOUR way, no rules as long as you’re happy, having fun, and sweating), Roller Skating, Riding a bike, Playing with kids, Running on a treadmill.

Step 2: Pick 2x per day to do activities. 1 in the morning or afternoon, and 1 in the evening 1-3 hours before bed

Step 3: Line up the calendar on your phone and place activities you love throughout the week (remember to add the 1 you HAVE to do but don’t necessarily like)


BONUS: Want to take it up a notch? Utilize google to find activities happening nearby for FREE. Could be a Kangoo class, swimming class, Jogging meetup, whatever it is you can usually try it for a day or week for FREE. This will introduce you to some new activities you may love and also help you meet some amazing people with similar goals. PLEASE be safe!


Achieve Weight Loss Transformation Results in a Time frame most DREAM of with PrettyKeli by your side along the way


Comment below and say “I’m in” if you’re taking the challenge!


September 1, 2021
September 30, 2021
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