How to Lose Belly Fat for Teenagers

Lose Belly Fat for Teenagers


  • Alarm
  • Meal Plan
  • Items and Activities that make you happy
  • Challenging cardio and core workout

**Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person**

What is needed for teen girls to lose belly fat?

Challenging Workouts 71%
Drink Enough Water 96%
Never Skip a Meal 42%

In this Post you will learn

  • Small changes you can make on a daily basis to lose belly fat.
  • Foods and drinks you can add to your diet to lose belly fat faster.
  • Must-have items to make losing belly fat super easy.
  • The things that are preventing you from losing belly fat.

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Hey Keli, I’ve been inspired by you a lot and you’re such an inspiration…thank you for helping me make my stomach flatter. people do not tease me as much and I feel comfortable in swimsuits.

OMG thank you so much!!! Super simple, easy to follow, convenient, practical, and most of all it worked! You are awesome Keli. Keep giving tips and helping other girls with your tips, we love you!

Learn How to Lose Belly Fat for Teenagers with these tips

Things you MUST Eliminate

This can be extremely hard because sugar is addictive. Eliminating sugar out of your diet will help you lose belly fat faster.
Minimize or eliminate salt to see fast results. If you must have salt, use sea salt and in moderation.

Stress induces the hormone cortisol which causes us to gain belly fat. So if you eat healthy, and exercise but can’t seem to eliminate belly fat?

Check your stress levels and work on relaxing and eliminating stressful elements out of your life.

This is a huge reason that prevents teens from getting the results they desire.

You must set a schedule to sleep and stick to it, the same way you set an alarm to wake up.

You will see fast results that last if you simply make this change alone.

If you are on a sleeping schedule, that is wonderful! Do not allow it to get ruined by over-sleeping on the weekends.

Surprisingly when it comes to losing belly fat, over-sleeping is almost just as bad as not getting enough sleep. Avoid this as much as possible.

If you can, stick to water and healthy all natural tea. Need flavor? Try infusing your water with fruits etc.

If you must have a fruity juice, you can always juice some fruits and make a delicious, healthy drink.

You should have 6 small meals daily, at minimum 5.

Eating too little or too much will hinder you from achieving the best results possible so avoid doing so.

If your workouts are easy? Do not do them! There is no point in working out if it does not challenge you.

Listen to your body, do workouts that are challenging in order to get rid of belly fat.

how to lose belly fat for teenagers

10 Killer tips on How to lose belly fat for teenagers

1. Ab contracting and releasing – Pick 1/4th of the amount of classes you have. In those classes hold your stomach in as tight as you can for about 30 seconds, then release and relax for 1 minute

2. Be the class clown in gym class – Have entirely too much energy in gym class. Act super enthusiastic and excited, move around the entire time! Volunteer to take the lead and demonstrate exercises. Whatever it takes to bring your energy and activity level to a 10? Make it happen!

3. Get a multivitamin – When your body has all it needs to function as best as it possibly can, it burns belly fat much easier. Get a multi-mineral multivitamin to supplement whatever vitamins you are lacking or deficient in.

4. Drink tea – Drink green tea before workouts and early in the morning. You will see a huge difference in belly fat with this small change alone.

5. Eat on your knees in an upright position – I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out. When you are sitting your belly is scrunched up and it becomes a lot harder for your body to digest your food properly, efficiently, or in a fast way. By sitting in an upright position, you help you elongate your torso and allow your digestive system to work as efficient as possible.

6. 1 Bottle of water for every 2 classes – A huge problem teens have is remembering to drink water. If you keep it in your mind that you should drink 1 bottle per water before every two classes, it becomes easy to remember. Remember to drink two additional bottles once you arrive home, so you will have enough water to lose weight for the day.

7. Water filter bottle w Washable Markers – Bringing a case of water to school isn’t realistic. Neither is spending $8 minimum per day on water. The smartest thing to do is to purchase a water filter bottle. You can easily fill it up in-between classes with the fountain water and have it filtered by the time you get to class. The washable markers should be used to help you mark down how many times you drank the entire bottle of water. Before you go to bed, simply wash off the bottle and begin again the following day.

8. Ab-stabilizing, Ab-strengthening, and Challenging Cardio – Have you ever seen a person who had an extremely hard gut? This is most likely because their workouts consist of ab-strengthening exercises without ab-stabilizing exercises. You want to incorporate both as well as challenging cardio. Example: Stabilizing ab exercise – Plank , Strengthening ab exercise – Crunches , If walking is easy for you and you have no struggles while doing it? Move up to jogging or walking fast in intervals.

9. Fidget and Move around – When you get home from school you usually lay in bed, nap, or sit (yes I am psychic lol). You want to avoid doing this as much as possible. You sit all day long in class, so when you get home, this is your opportunity to move around like crazy. Clean up the house, organize your room, play with your cat or dog, chase your younger siblings. Whatever it takes to get you up and moving and keep you up and moving is what you want to do.

10. Get on a Sleeping Schedule – The last yet most important tip is to get on a sleeping schedule. The same way you have an alarm to wake up, you should create an alarm to go to sleep. It may take some time to get into this habit but it is well worth it! Turn off all of the lights and get rid of distractions. Whatever is going on, on social media will be there in the morning. Say goodnight to facebook, instagram and twitter and hello to

11. Healthy delicious food – Find healthy alternatives to the unhealthy foods you love! Really love pasta? Try zucchini pasta instead. It’s the little changes that make a huge difference.

12. Unhealthy food – Let’s be real, you are a teen! Your life pretty much revolves around unhealthy food. Whenever your friends want to go out, it is usually to a restaurant and not “le healthy food” restaurant either. Your after school hangout spot is usually a fast food spot. The cafeteria in your school serves unhealthy, healthy food. So, you are going to eat unhealthy! The key is moderation. Plan out a day to have a cheat meal. I will repeat, pick one day out of the week to have 1 meal or snack that is unhealthy. The best time to do this would be the daytime or early afternoon. Please avoid having your cheat meal or snack late at night. You can still be a teen and have fun but the key to having your cake and eating it too is moderation.

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