Sugar, Salt, Chocolate, or Carb Cravings? Eliminate them Now!

Explanation of Cravings

Eliminating cravings is EASY

Your body is lacking a vitamin, nutrient, or mineral and it doesn't know how to tell you that.

What is the solution?

Replace the craving with the vitamin, mineral, or nutrient that your body really needs and the craving will be eliminated.

Simple enough? Imagine how much faster and easier you will lose weight once you eliminate these cravings, ready to get into it? Let’s go!

How to stop cravings

Get rid of cravings

How to stop cravings and lose weight (Sugar, Salt, Chocolate & Carbs)

Chocolate – Your body needs magnesium and doesn’t know how to tell you. Add the recommendations to your diet in order to see your cravings disappear.

Eat: Seeds, nuts, fruits, veggies and raw caocao

Sugar – This one is a bit difficult but I will explain. You are either lacking chromium, carbon, phosphorus, sulphur, or trypotophan. Your body can’t spell half of that stuff, let alone tell you it needs it. Add the things below to your diet and see which one makes the cravings disappear.

Eat: Chromium – Chicken, broccoli, grapes, cheese  Carbon – Fresh fruits  Phosphorus – fatty fish, eggs, grains, veggies, nuts, dairy, beef, chicken  Sulphur – horseradish, cauliflower, cabbage, cranberries  Trypotophan – Rasins, cheese, sweet potatoes, spinach

CarbsNitrogen is the thing your body is trying to let you know it needs. The solution is fairly simple and tasty, check it out.

Eat: High protein foods ex. Beans, nuts, fatty fish, chia seeds.

Salt – You are in need of chloride and silicon add these foods to your diet and watch your cravings melt away.

Eat: Goat milk, cashews, seeds, fatty fish and nuts

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