PrettyKeli’s No Filter Weight Loss Plan

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Weight Loss Plan for women designed to help you lose weight FAST 😍 PrettyKeli’s No filter Weight Loss Plan! It’s free and helps you get results FAST!

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Warning ladies – You will lose weight extremely fast with this method so please consult your doctor first!

Hey my pretties yes it’s your favorite or soon-to-be-favorite YouTuber and for those of you who aren’t my pretties, I don’t know why you need to subscribe and follow me now! We are currently living in a time where the average American woman wears a size 18. Those are stats that came out before quarantine so you can imagine what they are now.

This is why you see a major spike in people using photos from years ago, photoshop, only taking pictures from the neck up and people who meet these people after online dating feeling like they’ve been catfished.

So I created the no filter weight loss plan and ladies you are gonna love it! Three steps were designed to help you reach your goal in 7 days or maximum 30 days! That’s right it’s not easy but i promise it is so worth it.

It’s going to teach you how to lose weight fast and it’s all free! If you want fast change ladies you have to be willing to change fast. So we’re not going to start this on Monday, next week, or even next month, we’re going to start right now.

It is literally designed for you to start immediately regardless of what you at today or how lazy you have been. I want you to get up now and make the decision that you’re gonna stick to this now! Are you ready? Trust me you’re not but you’re going to love the results so let’s go!

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PrettyKeli’s No Filter Weight Loss Plan – Diet Options

Diet –  a special course of food where one restricts oneself either to lose weight or for medical reasons. That is the acutal definition of the word “diet”. Many people don’t like the word “Diet” because it has the word “Die” in it. That’s actually a good thing. Diets are designed to KILL your unhealthy eating habits. AHHHHH, see? It’s all making sense now! That’s why we’re going to do it together and I’m going to help you by giving you 3 options and making it EASY.

Diet Option 1 Juice – Drink all-natural juices preferably the ones you make yourself. Your drinks should be vegetable-based but you’re allowed to add one fruit if absolutely necessary for taste. Drink them three times per day whenever you would normally have your meals.

Remember to set alarms in your phone to make sure you’re drinking at the same times each day.

When thirsty drink water only, you can have as much as you like. I suggest drinking at least a gallon per day plus 8 ounces for every 15 pounds you are overweight. In my opinion drinking water with electrolytes is best but feel free to choose any kind you like and will actually drink. Do this for at minimum 7 days and then start your healthy eating lifestyle.

Diet Option 2 Intermittent Fasting – In my opinion, the BEST formula for beginners and those who want to easily transition into healthy living is the 16/8 method. That means you fast for 16 hours (no eating, you may drink water when thirsty) and have an 8-hour eating window. The 8-hour window should start as early as possible (between 5-7 am) and be consistent daily. Set an alarm on your phone to eat at the same 3 times every day that fall in that window.
Example: 7am 11am 2pm

Diet Option 3 Water Fast – Follow this video to water fast safely and see the best results. I want you to do this for 3 days minimum, preferably 7 days.

The odds of you being able to go from a sedentary, unhealthy eating lifestyle to an active, healthy eating lifestyle is slim to none. Choosing one of these diets and sticking to it WILL help you.

Doing one of these diets is going to help you become super disciplined and achieve results much faster and make sure you stick to your healthy lifestyle.

After your diet, if you’re not sure what to eat, feel free to choose a Weight Loss Meal Plan here.

PrettyKeli’s No Filter Weight Loss Plan – Activity / Fitness

It’s just not realistic to tell someone who has been extremely sedentary “the way to lose weight is to run 20 miles per day” when they’re at a point where they can barely even walk. So I want to give you something real that will actually work for you and give you long-lasting results.

Do me a favor, if you exercise, write down the workout you normally do right now. If you do not currently exercise and are completely sedentart, If I were to ask you “How many miles can you walk, run, or jog right this moment?” what would your answer be? Write that down. Ok, here comes the fun part that’s not fun at all.

I want you to multiply whatever you wrote down… by 10! Hear me out, it will all make sense in a minute. If you said you can do a basic cardio workout, something that would be 10 times harder would be a HIIT workout, right? Exactly! Let’s say you said you can walk 1 mile. You would then commit to walking 10 miles per day. Here is what happens when you do this.

Setting a larger goal 10x harder than what you think you can do changes your mind and helps your body prepare to do more. Even if you aren’t able to do 10 and you do 8, or 4, heck, even if you only do 2, that’s still 2x what you would normally do so you can get 2x the results 2x faster. See how that works? Awesome huh? YASSSS girl we got this!

Quick Challenge

Here is another little challenge I want you guys to do, I want you to open a notepad on your phone and every single time you think about food throughout your day I want you to put a food emoji. The next day, copy those emojis and then come back and paste them in the comments section.

After you do the weight loss plan, I want you to spend a day doing the same thing. Place an emoji in your notepad whenever you think about food. Look at the significant difference. Isn’t that amazing?
here’s where it makes so much sense

PrettyKeli’s No Filter Weight Loss Plan – Mind

This step is going to make this weight loss plan so much easier and help you see results much faster. You know what you need to do to get healthy and fit, you really don’t need me to tell you right? There is something that is holding you back from doing what you know you have to do.

The final step (this one) will eliminate that “something” and finally get you off of the weight-loss roller coaster. The thing that will help you is… Weight Loss Meditation. Many people are confused about what Weight Loss meditation is, so I will explain.

Weight loss meditation was designed to change the way you think about healthy eating, fitness, and weight loss as a whole. The way it does this is by delivering positive, life-changing messages to your mind, subliminally.

You simply listen as you sleep or while you are in a relaxed and calm state, it’s that easy. Here are 3 Weight loss Meditation videos I suggest you try: 1. 2. 3.

I love you all so much and I look forward to seeing your amazing results